The Five Big Tips You Need to Know When Crafting a Personal Brand

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Is your personal brand truly expressing who you are and what you do? It's easy to fall into the trap of creating a stale and generic persona when coming up with marketing strategies. The truth is that the best strategy for personal branding is to be authentic. The disconnection between who you are and who you claim to be will be very obvious if you don't follow an authentic path. Eila Chérie works and lives by a philosophy of being a force of character and finding strength through giving. That's why we just knew we had to base our brand identity on the concept of supporting women around the world. This led us to donate 10 percent of each sale to organizations that benefit and uplift women. Are you trying to figure out the mission for your personal brand? Take a look at the key questions to ask when establishing your brand and your voice. 

Who Is My Target Audience? 
It's so important to know who you're speaking to when finding your voice. Identifying your target audience or ideal client is the first step to creating a brand standard. It may take some research to figure out who exactly you're speaking to. However, doing the hard work that enables you to create a tight, effective message is extremely worth the effort. 

What Is Unique About What I'm Offering? 
What is your product? What about your product adds value to the lives of the people you're trying to sell it to? Being able to answer those two questions is extremely important. It's time to go back to the drawing board if you can't answer both of those questions in one or two sentences. 

Can I Prove That What I Offer Benefits My Clients or Customers? 
You can't just make sensational claims about a product or service being able to benefit your clients or customers. It's important to show real proof. This means you need to be able to back up claims with statistics or testimonials. 

Does My Brand Have a Personality? 
Is your brand's personality happy, tranquil, defiant, edgy or classic? Only you can decide what the mood of your brand is. The personality that you choose must be reinforced by the words and visual styles you choose when representing your brand. 

What Are the Best Platforms for My Brand? 
You already know that you're going to have to use social media to promote your brand in 2019. However, not all platforms offer equal benefits. Deciding which platforms will work best for your brand all comes down to knowing your target audience. Factors like hobbies, age, income level and interests will all help you to determine which platform offers the best opportunity to engage with your intended audience. 

Eila Chérie's Three Rules to Remember 
There are three rules that must be followed when crafting a brand identity. Your branding strategies must always be authentic, consistent and relevant. Stay tuned for more insights from Eila Chérie as we prepare to create a strong community of boss babes driven by kindness and inspired by change. 

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