The Six Big Signs You're Ready to Quit Your Job

six signs it is time to quit your job

A smart woman knows when to move on. However, far too many women stay in job roles that they've outgrown because they're too afraid to take the leap and see what else is out there. The team here at Eila Chérie believes that it's impossible to do something great without a little bit of boldness. Is your current job role feeling stale or unrewarding? It may be time to quit your job and move on to something new. Knowing when to move on takes a carefully measured mix of intuition, research and boldness. Take a look at the six signs that it's time to quit your job. 

You Have Nothing More to Learn From Your Boss 
Your boss should be serving as a mentor in an ideal situation. However, you may walk into the office one day and realize that you really have nothing more to learn from your boss. You may have actually eclipsed your boss when it comes to knowledge regarding your industry. It can be very hard to grow and be properly challenged when this is the situation. The moment when you realize that you know more than your boss is a good time to consider moving on. 

There's No Room to Grow 
It could be time to move on if there is no upward path to follow in your current company. Have you exhausted all avenues for promotion in your current role? This is a problem that many people face when working for smaller companies. It could be time to jump to a larger company with more opportunity if you've gone as far as you can go in your current role. 

It's Becoming Hard to Drive to the Office Every Morning 
Do you dread getting up and leaving for work every day? That could be a major sign that it's time to reevaluate what you're doing. Feeling unsatisfied in your career can lead to depression and health problems. It's hard to be a force of character in the world if your job is leaving you completely depleted. 

Your Workplace Is a Toxic Environment 
A toxic work environment can stifle creativity and cause your health to suffer. You may be suffering if your workplace is full of people who sabotage each other or bosses who don't appreciate or reward hard work. It's definitely time to get your résumé ready if you feel that your current workplace is bad for your spirit. 

The Company You Work for Isn't Flourishing 
Do you have confidence in the company you work for? Little signs may be revealing that the company you're working for doesn't have a future. Bad sales numbers or recent layoffs can be telltale signs that a company may not be around for much longer. While loyalty can be a great thing, it's also important to look out for your own interests. It never hurts to send your résumé to a few places if you worry that the company you're working for doesn't have a bright future. 

You Want to Make More Money 
Sometimes the only way to get a substantial raise is to jump to a new company. This might even require you to jump to a new city where wages are higher. You may even be able to use a new career opportunity as a bargaining chip to get a raise in your current role if you actually like your job.

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