Four Female-Led Businesses That Will Inspire You Today

Four Female Founded Businesses Forging the way and inspiring fempreneurs around the world.
Has anyone ever made you feel like your dream of starting a business was just a little too out there? You're in good company. There are many examples of female-founded businesses that are reshaping the way business runs using beyond-the-box ideas and social influence. Is today one of those days when you just need a little bit of inspiration to plow through the negativity and keep moving forward? Check out the stories behind three women-led businesses that show us what being boss babes and creative entrepreneurs is all about!

Emily Weiss From Glossier
Glossier announced that it had raised $100 million in funding this spring. However, few people could have seen this coming when Glossier began as a humble beauty blog that was launched by an art-school graduate five years ago. The brand's success can all be owed to the brazen vision of Emily Weiss. However, Weiss admits that there was a time not long ago when she wasn't sure she even knew what a venture capitalist really was. Gloss was still working as a fashion assistant at Vogue when she founded Glossier. She had to figure out how to get office space, launch a website and hire employees ranging from marketing specialists to chemists in order to turn Glossier into what it is today. The company is now beloved by customers and beauty bloggers around the world.
Color Reinholz from Eila Chérie 
Eila Chérie was founded around the idea that beautiful accessories don't need to cost a premium price. "As a young single woman in my 20's working full-time and going to school, I couldn't afford designer labels nor did I buy into the image of what lifestyle brands were selling. I wanted to create accessories that represented the ambitious women of today who fought for everything they have". That she did when she and her husband finally launched Eila Chérie online in 2019 after bootstrapping for years to make it happen. 

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss From Rent the Runway
Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss started one of the hottest brands of the moment by simply emailing Diane von Furstenberg and asking her for a meeting. It wasn't exactly easy after that. The pair had a hard time convincing designers to let them use dresses that would be rented out. However, a feature in the New York Times led to 10,000 members signing up on the company's website essentially overnight and Rent the Runway is now a go-to resource for fashion lovers who want to look amazing in designer fashions without going broke.

Whitney Wolfe From Bumble
Countless weddings, babies and very interesting first-date stories owe their origins to one woman's vision for a new type of dating app. Whitney Wolfe created Bumble because she wanted to see the strides women were making in the professional world translate to the dating world. Bumble is a platform that allows women to make the first move. It now boasts 500 million first moves just five years after launching. The success of Bumble proves that it's great to find love. However, it's even better to find a great business strategy.

The team at Eila Chérie hopes that peeking into the success of other women will help you to feel inspired to join in with our mantra and Be a Force of Character this International Women's Day!

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