A guide to nailing your next job interview

Are you wondering how you can walk into a job interview with pure confidence? The reality is that a good interview isn't possible without some preparation. You need to know how to take command of the situation and leave an impression that makes people want you on their team. We believe that Eila Chérie’s mission to be a force of character should extend to women's personal and professional lives. That's why we're sharing some tips for how to be a force of character when interviewing for a job. Here are our six tips for nailing your next job interview. 

Be Curious
Most people think of a job interview as a time for an employer to ask questions. Interviewers actually love candidates who ask questions. You can show that you are an engaged, curious person by asking some questions about the organization you are interviewing with. Ask questions about company culture, long-term goals for growth and internal opportunities for promotions. 

Don't Be Afraid to Overdress
There is nothing wrong with overdressing for an interview. Go ahead and put on that elegantly tailored suit that you think might be a bit too formal for your interview. Dressing to the nines shows that you're a person who goes all in. It also shows the employer you're interviewing with that you're taking the meeting very seriously. You never want to be on the casual side when it comes to dressing for a job interview. People who show up looking like they are dressed to spend a night hanging out with friends send a signal that they aren't taking the situation seriously enough. 

Know Your Weaknesses
Sometimes it's important to assess your weaknesses before stepping into an interview. This will help you to anticipate any reservations or concerns an interviewer might have about hiring you for a position. For instance, you may not have the number of years of experience an organization is looking for. An employer might also be hesitant if your skills don't line up perfectly with the role you're interviewing for. Be prepared to address these types of concerns and provide reasons that demonstrate why you would be a good fit despite any shortcomings.

Know Why You Want the Job
It's important to clarify in your mind exactly why you want a job before stepping into an interview. You should definitely be able to give a compelling answer when asked why you are interested in a role. This will help you to come across as passionate and focused. Of course, being able to pay your rent is not a good enough reason. You need to have a short and convincing statement ready in your mind that demonstrates why you feel you are a perfect match for the company you're interviewing with. 

Do Your Research
Don't blindly walk into an interview. You need to do your research ahead of time. You should take time to learn about the organization you're interviewing with. Things like past projects and campaigns should be studied carefully. In addition, you should know about any press that the organization has received recently. It's also important to become familiar with the company's mission statement or philosophy. Never underestimate how impressed an interviewer will be with someone who has done her homework. 

Bring Your Personality
While it's important to be professional during an interview, there's no need to have a totally muted personality. Bring your personality to the table as a selling point. Nobody wants to work with a robot. Your humor and positive personality can be your best selling points if you know how to use them.

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