5 Tips For Overcoming Your Creative Block

Eila Cherie 5 Tips for Overcoming Your Creative Block
Five Tips to Save the Day When Creative Blocks Happen
Nothing is worse than a blank page when you're trying to accomplish something. So many of us face proverbial blank pages when we set out to complete tasks or get projects up and running. The good news is that a creative block isn't a sign that you're not a creative or innovative person. It happens to even the best of minds. Sometimes you just have to wait for some inspiration to come. However, there are some things you can do to speed up the process of returning to a creative state of mind and getting into a good flow. Here are five simple ways to overcome your creative block.

Put a Notepad by Your Bed
Our brains can do some impressive work while we're asleep. In fact, you may be able to overcome a creative block or come up with a solution to a problem once you fall asleep and your subconscious mind takes over. Be sure to keep a paper and pen by your bed to make it easy to jot down good ideas that come to your mind the moment you wake up.

Remember when your teachers used to yell at you for doodling on your notebook during class when you were a kid? It turns out that drawing for a few minutes without any goal or objective in mind can actually help with mental breakthroughs. You can also use this method for overcoming writer's block by simply jotting down words and phrases just for fun.

Find the Common Thread
Is there a common thread between all of your creative blocks? Try to investigate the circumstances that occur just before your mind stops churning out creative things. You may find that certain fears, worries or triggers are actually causing you to sabotage your own efforts.

Create an Artificial Deadline
Sometimes you have to light a fire under yourself to complete a project. A hard, nonnegotiable deadline will help you to work against the clock instead of working against your own emotions and fears regarding a plan or project. You just might find that you do your best work under pressure. 

Change Your View
Sometimes the best way to get around a creative block is to surround yourself with a new view. This could mean taking a walk on some trails near where you live or jogging through a park in your city. It can also mean simply opening up a book of artwork and admiring some psychedelic paintings that will take your mind to a faraway place.

Pushing past blocks of all types is what we do here at Eila Chérie. We're driven by kindness, inspired by change and willing to knock down walls when it comes to spreading creativity. We're committed to helping women everywhere get past all obstacles through our pledge to donate 10 percent of each sale to a new organization that benefits women every year.

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