4 Heart Values to Work and Live By

Eila Chérie strives to live out our mission statement, "be a force of character" by operating based on four specific heart values. These have become the core of who we are and in turn, has positively impacted our company culture.

These values can easily be applied to your everyday life and will encourage you to shine and spread light into your personal and professional pursuits.  
4 heart values to work and live by

1. Always Be Kinder Than You Feel 

Kindness is a choice. We all have moments when we’re at the end of our rope and being patient is the last thing on our mind. However, acting kinder than you feel is a great way to fight back against the negativity that surrounds us. A kind act doesn’t have to be a big act. Simply letting someone get ahead of you in line at the grocery store when you’re tired after a day of work or footing the bill for a coffee for a stranger on a hectic morning can elevate your soul and your purpose. Being kind doesn't mean being a doormat. In fact, true kindness is true power. 

2. Encourage and Give Thanks 

There’s enough success to go around. That’s the secret that the world doesn’t want you to know. You don’t have to drag others down just to elevate yourself. Constantly encourage friends and people you work with if you want to shine as a confident leader. Don’t forget to give thanks for your own successes along the way. You worked hard for those!

3. Do It With Grace and Intention 

There’s no point in taking a sloppy approach to life. Don’t let fear cause you to do things with only half of your heart. Go all the way with full grace and intention. This means loving every moment you’re in and squeezing the most out of it. It also means being present and engaged. 

4. Be Data Driven but Heart Oriented 

There’s no shame in being a woman who gets the numbers, studies scenarios and makes informed decisions. However, you don’t want to lose your heart somewhere under columns of data. Let your hard work be the vehicle that propels your heart’s work. This means never losing your sense of purpose or forgetting who you are while achieving your goals and making waves in the world.

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